Heat Transfer Compound, Non-Hardening

Non-hardening TRACIT-1000 heat transfer compound was designed for use on externally cooled tanks and vessels. This product is applied to plate or clamp-on coils before installation on the tank. TRACIT-1000 eliminates the air voids that exist between the coil and vessel wall, transferring heat far more efficiently by means of conduction. Plate-type coils installed with TRACIT-1000 experience up to a tenfold increase in heat transfer rates.

TRACIT-1000 is non-setting and can be easily removed from installations. This mastic maintains excellent surface contact during expansion and contraction cycles. TRACIT-1000 heat transfer mastic is water-resistant and does not have to be protected from moisture or rain. 

Technical Specifications

Minimum application temperature: 5°F (15°C)

Maximum usage temperature: 300°F (150°C)

Minimum usage temperature: -116°F (-80°C)

Heat transfer coefficient, Ut, heat source to vessel wall: 20-40 Btu/hr•°F•ft2 (114-227 w/m2•°C)

Water-soluble: No

Curing: None required.

Harmful vapors: None

Shelf life: Indefinite. Keep container lid sealed tightly when not in use.

Net weight: 11 lbs (5 kg)/gallon

Coverage rates: 12 ft.²/gallon (1/8" thick), 6 ft.² /gallon (1/4" thick)

Stock container sizes: Caulk gun cartridges (10 or 32 oz), 5-gallon pail, 1-gallon pail, quart and pint cans. Also available in 55-gallon drums for pumping applications.

Installation Instructions

No premixing or curing required. Using a hand trowel, apply a thin layer (1/8"-1/4") to mechanically mounted surfaces (such as clamp-on coils) to fill in air gaps to ensure contact with heating source. If installing in a cold environment, product may be warmed up to 80°F for lower viscosity and easier application. Product may be applied over existing coatings, although excessive surface dirt and rust should be removed for ideal performance.

TRACIT-1000 heat transfer cement will act as a corrosion barrier.  

TRACIT-1000 should not be exposed to open flames or strong oxidizing agents.  If removal is necessary, scrape off using a hand trowel and an industrial degreasing agent.   

Wear protective gloves and glasses when handling.  

Installation Video

An overview of the benefits of using Chemax TRACIT heat transfer cements on your externally cooled system. Includes installation demonstration.